Wednesday, 7 November 2012

National Federation of Indian Women, the first mass women organization has been playing a important role in this direction and mobilise the women for the emancipation of the women and children and for building a gender just society and country.

During our historic journey, NFIW was led by such stalwarts like Aruna Asaf Ali, Pushpamoye Bose, Renu Chakravartty, Hazara Begum, Geeta Mukherjee, Anasuya Gyanchad, Vimla Dang, Vimla Farroqui all tall leaders of women's movements in India and well known freedom fighters.
It also received support and encouragement from prominent leaders like Rameshwary Nehru, Hannah Sen, Rajkumari Amrit KAur, Kamala Devi Chatopadhyay, Subhadra Joshi and others.